Meric Minecraft Server

In Minecraft, through collaboration with players, make your financial and material achivements.

This page is under construction. For more information and registration, please proceed to our Facebook page.

Server information

Server address:
Server port: 25565 (default)
Please register before you join.


At this time, we use whitelist mechanism to accept players. This is to ensure we are independent of survival of the Minecraft verification system.

Please proceed to our Facebook page and leave us a private message. (Request messages appended to the discussion threads may not be entertained.) We use Facebook to indirectly verify players are mature enough for the game.

Online map

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Purpose Command
First time login /register [password]
Change password /changepw [old] [new]
Check bank balance /bal
Pay to players /pay [player] [amount]
Toggle inspection mode /co i

Grief Prevention

Grief prevention helps protecting your hard work (buildings and materials) from theft and griefing.

For the first claim, you can place a chest in an empty space for a small region, at no extra cost. New claims are valid from the top, down to 20 metres underground.

Starting from second claim, you need a gold shovel to make a land claim. Hold a gold shovel, right click two opposite corners of your desired claim. You can buy gold easily from any volatility provider in the city.

To resize a claim, use gold shovel to right click the corner you want to move, and then the new location for the corner. Please note that there is a minimal limit for each dimension.


Items inside your claim is naturally protected. For further protection, you can use Lockette. To lock a door or a chest, place a sign adjacent to the object. For example, to allow Rachel and Jacob to use a door:



You can trade with others asynchronously (i.e., without waiting for each other) through special signs. A pedestrian can right click your sign to make the trade with you.

To sell your item for money, use the format below. For example, if you have 20 wheat to sell, each for 12 dollars:

1 wheat:20

Conversely, to buy items from pedestrians. For example, if you have 100 dollars for buying 10 wheat, you can place a sign:

1 wheat